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The Favor Spring Jewelry Collection

Written by admin


Posted on March 20 2020

I need to be honest with you all. It is hard for me to stomach marketing my work to you all right now. I know many are suffering, scared, and feeling uncertain for the future and my heart hurts for them (for all of us!). However, I also must share with you the story behind this collection and how the providence of God has been woven into the narrative so beautifully, so unexpectedly.

These new earrings and necklace, collectively called The Favor Collection, have their roots in the verse Psalm 5:12 “Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.” (emphasis mine).


My little girl, Maison, picked some wildflowers growing in the empty lot next door yesterday and it lifted my spirits so much. Right then, it dawned on me how much power even the littlest thing of beauty has, and a waterfall of peace washed over me. This collection was absolutely meant to be created and enjoyed by many. There was a much bigger purpose behind it and the timing behind when it was to be released. We designed these in January, months before we would know how timely this all would be and how badly we would need to be reminded. Humans need hope. Humans need beauty.


I didn’t really set out to create a Bible-verse driven jewelry collection. Each piece kind of named itself and it just so happened that they all had a common theme.The images of the pieces and the sketches came together before I put any thought into what to call it besides “Spring Jewelry Collection” LOL. Looking back, I can see that God was at work in my heart before I even realized what was going on or had any idea what the future held.



Obviously, none of us had any idea that in two months (when the Favor collection was to be released) that the world would be sequestered into quarantine because of a global pandemic! The world feels weighted down, we are isolated physically, and the future feels hard to plan for right now.


So my prayer in releasing these to you would be that when you wear the Radiant earrings, Starburst necklace and earrings, or the Mustard Seed Necklace, that they would serve as a source of encouragement like Maison’s flowers were to me: a reminder that renewal is coming and that we aren’t alone. We are beloved children of God.